What’s with the fruit?

Now, you may ask yourself, how did this all come about? And why is it called the Lemonade Weekend?

Well, I’m sure you know the saying. When life hands you lemons…

So let’s take the clock back to March the 7th, 2011 for a moment. Not long ago. Another event was set to take place, and suddenly, it wasn’t. And the fans, the artists, the promoters, the venues, the sponsors, and the friends thereof were all asking, “Now what?”

Bruce Nazarian, Ken Levinson, and many others, stepped up and said, “We will have an event! And we will have a great time!”

Many phone calls ensued. Many people across the country, and some across the world, got on the Internet, and raised the cheer of “The show must go on!” And within no more than twenty-four hours of talking, the Lemonade Weekend was born in San Diego, CA.

Much fun was had by all attending, and surprises were at every turn. From Dave Koz joining in at In Concert for Cancer, to the last-moment, eleventh-hour concert by Peter White, featuring Jaared and Vincent Ingala as special guests, the Lemonade Weekend left lasting memories, many smiles, and one key question: “Can we do this again?”

Of course, the answer is a resounding YES!

And so, the fun begins of organizing and mobilizing our next citrusy adventure.

One Response to What’s with the fruit?

  1. Renata Stewart says:

    A wonderful weekend it was. Looking forward to future events and inviting more friends.


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